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Re: Cold Wars 2017

Dadu Skoupzi
I wish I could. That game sounds good to me. But I am saving up for Historicon again when I have time off work. I feel bad that I can't get to the other two conventions.

I plan to be at Historicon. Hope to see you there! Not sure what scenario I'll be putting on for that, or even whether it will be WW2 [Command Decision] or ACW [Johnny Reb].

But one thing's for sure -- I have to decide by the end of this month, because that's already the deadline for Historicon games to get in the PEL! As if I didn't have enough to do getting ready for Cold Wars.

As for the Sicily scenario, it would be fun to run it as a pick-up game at Historicon, but since I also work for the con my time gets pretty limited. Maybe I'll put it on the Command Decision forum a few weeks beforehand and gauge the interest. Needs at least 4 players to run well.

Re: Cold Wars 2017

I will try to get in on your game. We can meet and trade real names.

Re: Cold Wars 2017

It was pretty funny, after several years of playing Command Decision at Historicon, to finally have another player realize, "Oh, you're Grumble?!?!?!?!"

I will look forward to meeting you. I look a little like my avatar, except he has more hair around the face. Oh, and I wear glasses.

Re: Cold Wars 2017

I will definitely look for that avatar in July. It's going to be a fun event as always.