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Re: Size matters, so whats the problem?

Quote: David

I agree that in a scaled size, such as 1/72, there is no reason that objects such as rifles should not always be the same size.

Your looking at it from the point of view of a finished piece, not the tool maker...

The figures are pantographed down, now assuming that a exact height is chosen for the master (say 6" for a scale height of 5' 9") and the rifle modelled with the figure is in proportion with this... and the master is reduced in size to its scale height in 1/72 exactly (24.3mm)... then your correct...
But you cannot adjust the length of the weapon seperatly from the figure and the length will depend on whether or not the sculptur has got it in proportion to the original scale of the master.... and the tool maker reduces the master accordingly to a scale height of 5' 9" in 1/72(24mm approx)....

just about anything can cause a variation...if the toolmaker produces a figure of 23mm or 25mm which is still well within the human range, the length of the weapon will be noticably different, though it will be more noticable on longer weapons, if the sculptur makes the weapon to short or too long etc even if the figure is at the correct scale height the weapon will be wrong.... now heres the rub the toolmaker has no knowledge about or any idea of the length of any given weapon....

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