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Re: Cold Wars 2017

Quote: David
So, who is going to Cold Wars? (east coast US convention, 16-19 March)

Anyone running a game?

Cold Wars and Fall-In! both take place right here in Lancaster PA where I live, so I make it a point to take part. (Shhhh! that's the real reason we moved here, but don't tell my spouse. She thinks it's because of all her relatives who live nearby.)

I'm planning to volunteer, though not yet sure where I'll be assigned. Probably Pre-Registration or the Events Desk (my favorite).

And yes, I will be running a game [F:377 Face‐Off ‐‐ Sicily 1943 Redux] on Friday March 17, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. in the Marietta Room (Band of Gamers club room we share with Carnage and Glory). However, my badge will not say Grumble on it. The PEL lists my "real" name.

The scenario (obviously, from the title) is Sicily WW2, a British infantry brigade advancing shortly after the landings. It is counterattacked by a mostly Italian force, with a mix of captured French R35 tanks, Bersaglieri, artillery and regular infantry, reinforced by German FLAK units and other elements. The "Redux" part is that I have run this scenario before with different forces, so this one is a sort of "what-if" that tweaks the units and orders for what I think will be a more interesting game.

Of course, there will be lots of 1/72 little plastic men, with HaT featured prominently among the Italian infantry and the British support units (mortar and MMG).

Hope you can come by, or better yet, sign up for the game!

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