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Re: Prussian Landwehr bonus figure pose suggestions...


Sapper. See my post above.

Officer. Advancing with sword, or perhaps sword and pistol.Brians suggestions look OK.

ADC. Perhaps consulting a map and pointing the way to Macca's.

Or putting a dispatch into his satchel or something similarly ADCish.

Medic. Is your medic a surgeon (officer) or a krankentrager (enlisted man stretcher bearer)
I don't mind a surgeon wearing an apron and holding a large scary looking scalpel, or perhaps in full uniform and sharpening his scalpel with a whetstone prior to a battle(I don't think that pose has been done before). It's OK if he's wearing spectacles.
A krankentrager could be bending over a patient a bit like the Airfix/HaT WWI British figure.

Quote: HaT-Twitter
We would like customers to offer suggestions for this!

If the officer came with every 1st box, the sapper with every 2nd, the ADC every 3rd and the Medic every 4th that would mean everyone gets as many different figures as possible. Good for everyone.

If the bonus figures were distributed randomly this might lead to universal disappointment. Newton's third Law of Cornflakes box giveaways states that your chances of receiving a given figure decrease in inverse proportion to the strength of your desire to have it.

If you want to reward people who placed larger orders by unlocking each figure based on number of boxes bought that would be understandable but no point asking us where the cut of points should be. You know that we all think the number of boxes we bought should qualify us for receiving all 4 figures. Which means you have to make that decision yourselves.

If there was one of these figures that came with every box, I think it should be the officer. These sets could use extra officers.

Thank you for asking.