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Re: Medieval revisited

I feel I need to say That the El Cid line is a great spot to start an extensive 11th century medieval line that could cover Feudal Europe, North Africa, and the middle East. A good set of generic Turkish Ghulams (Slave soldiers found in many of a medieval sultans army) would be a good start for a wargamer to create the armies of Fatimid Egypt and the muslim armies further east. A set of generic Norman style knights could be used for the armies of Western Europe (and that includes Italy) all the way into the Holy Roman Empire.Then if you want to expand into the British Isles, Scandinavia, the Byzantine Empire, and Eastern Europe, You could do that too if you wished.

What I'd like to see are some serjeants in kettle hats - could be used for many things. I'd like to get some for my Crusaders, as the Sterelts kits are hard to find, a combined "Crusader infantry" set with 15 poses would be really nice - five with spears and shields, five with crossbows and five with bows. Then a cavalry set, like the Late Romans, 8 poses, 4 sergeants with spears and shields, 4 with bows (turkopoles)...then a combined foot and mounted knights set, like the Zvezda HYW English and French knights.