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Re: Medieval revisited: War of the Roses?

Quote: Alan Buckingham
WOR`s is a period I have asked for from the hobby since I discovered the internet, Redbox`s range although not bad, is not great either and has left me feeling a little disappointed. I have bought the early sets, but feel Redbox have gone for quantity over quality with subjects being covered that are almost peripheral in the big scheme of things. A good quality set of fully armoured foot knights and men at arms is sorely needed as are some of the key players, the period would lend it`s self to crowd funding, who would not want a good Warwick as a bonus figure.

They improved a lot - their newer sets like the Scurrers or the Scottish Light Cav are much much better. Sadly that doesn't mean they'll re-do the earlier sets and pikemen that look more like caber tossers, but ah well...if all else fails, Tumbling Dice does a metal WotR range.

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