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Re: Medieval revisited: War of the Roses?

The Wars of the Roses is well covered by Redbox, its what their medieval sets are for...

We could do with a good set of earlier Franks and Caroligians both cavalry and Infantry..

Anglo-Saxon shield wall Early(pre 8th century) and later(2 sets)...

Viking shield wall..9th-10th century

Anglo Danish Huscarls suitable for 1000-1066 possible by having both round and kite shields in the set... King Canute had several thousand as did Harold Godwinson..

Most sets currently available are a mixed bag of poses often covering too large a time scale or have faults of one sort or another more or less... or are simply fictional...

note Most sets incorporating the shield wall as a primary figure pose have sold out...

What I would want with any army are poses that compliment each other and represent the common battlefield formations and tactics of the time...

Just some ideas

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