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Re: Medieval revisited

I like the El Cid range, especially the command sets. These sets were also released quite quickly and with the separation of Light and Heavy Cavalry the client could decide on what ratio they wanted. However, my next interest would be for the time of the 3rd Crusade (Robin Hood and Ivanhoe with the films of Errol Flynn and the Taylors (Elizabeth and Robert) being my favourites). For that period I am happy with the original Airfix Robin Hood (rereleased by Hat) and the Italeri The Knights and the various Ceasar Miniatures sets for this period. Afterwards the heraldry gets complicated for me to paint so although I have the various sets for the HYW and the Germans and Hussites I have not painted any. So as I originally stated I have no further interest in the period. I think if Hat were to enter this period it would be best to have a particular war in mind. The problem is that after El Cid there is only a general idea of what the Crusades were and also a general idea of the HYW. You may mention the Normans in Sicily but few people would know what went on and without a good well known film to spark interest I think that only die hard enthusiasts would be interested in the period.

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