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Re: Schlacht von Ligny 16th Juni 1815

Hi Chris

Excellent work.

Pat Brennan

Re: Schlacht von Ligny 16th Juni 1815

Just joining the chorus of 'Well done! "Bravo!"

I take it from what you said that the guard artillerists that I do not recognise are metals rather than conversions?

Keep 'em coming Chris, great stuff!


Re: Schlacht von Ligny 16th Juni 1815

Hi James and thank you for your kind comments.

The Guard artillery include a lot of Hat grenadier heads but the ones in the foreground are from Hagen Minitures sculpted by a chap called Massimo.

Incidentally I used the Hat Grenadiers as Imperial Guard Grenadiers as I think that they look lovely.

The Hat Voltigeurs also make fine conversions if you chop the busby off and subsitute a shako or bearskin.

Happy modelling.