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Schlacht von Ligny 16th Juni 1815

Die Schlacht Von Ligny 16th Juni 1815

Timeline 6.30 PM

The Prussian flank attack on St. Amand la Haie by the Prussian 5th Brigade, Generalmajor Ernst Ludwig von Tippelskirch has been repulsed by a spirited French defence. The cavalry action has spluttered out as both sides regroup.

Casualties are heavy and these troops have fallen back to the relative safety of Wagnelee. St. Amand la Haie is now controlled by the French.

The initial French assault over the Ligne brook has been beaten back with many casualties. Artillery is being deployed on the common prior to a new arrack.

Prussian re- inforcements consisting of elements from 6th Brigade, Generalmajor Karl August von Kraft support the defence of Ligny opposite the Chateau de Looz.

1st Brigade, Colonel Baume from 14th Infantry Division, Marchel-de-la camp Baron Etinne Hulot are heavily engaged by the watermill attempting to take the stone bridge.

His Majesty is concerned that the French as 1st Corps, General officer commanding Jean Baptiste Drout, Comte d’Erlon appears to have ‘vanished’ despite orders to attack Wagnelee. Treason?

However, viewing the action from the Tombe de Ligny he judges that the time has come for the coup de grace. The ‘Beautiful Daughters’ are deployed and the Guard, commanding officer Lieutenant-general Antoine-Alexandre, Comte Drout begins its attack on Ligny.

Vive L’Empereur!