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Re: Schlacht von Ligny 16th Juni 1815

Thank you very much to everyone for their kind comments.

In answer to Miquels question, yes the Waterloo project was dismantled in order to make way for Ligny. At the end of the re fight, Ligny will be cleared away for Quatre Bras.

The retreating Prussians you mention are from Art Minituran and are not conversions.

The project benefits hugely from the large scale use of Hat figures as this keeps the cost down. Other manufacturers and the use of many conversions fill the gaps.

Thank you once again.


Re: Schlacht von Ligny 16th Juni 1815

Hi Chris

Excellent work.

Pat Brennan

Re: Schlacht von Ligny 16th Juni 1815

Just joining the chorus of 'Well done! "Bravo!"

I take it from what you said that the guard artillerists that I do not recognise are metals rather than conversions?

Keep 'em coming Chris, great stuff!


Re: Schlacht von Ligny 16th Juni 1815

Hi James and thank you for your kind comments.

The Guard artillery include a lot of Hat grenadier heads but the ones in the foreground are from Hagen Minitures sculpted by a chap called Massimo.

Incidentally I used the Hat Grenadiers as Imperial Guard Grenadiers as I think that they look lovely.

The Hat Voltigeurs also make fine conversions if you chop the busby off and subsitute a shako or bearskin.

Happy modelling.