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Re: The Lusitanian War

I think what your talking about here are Celtiberians, there are several sets available from Hät and Orion(which I thought quite good)that have figures that would be suitable to represent a Lusitanian force, in particular those with small round shields daggers and sinew helmets, as many were apparantly light troops though some armour was in use...

There is a new English version of "Armas de la antigua Iberia" in the works though it seems to be taking some time to be published...

Re: The Lusitanian War

The sets that would provide suitable troops for this war are;

Orion Iberian Infantry

HaT Spanish Cavalry

HaT Hannibal's Cathaginians - Spanish Infantry

Hat Carthaginian Allies (only two Iberians)

Odemars Iberian Infantry (the quality of this set seems pretty low)

In a pinch you could probably use some Celts as well.

Re: The Lusitanian War

If only HaT would bring out their 1/32 Celtiberians in 1/72...