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Re: Line drawings of XX-century Peasant Revolutionaries - explanation

Scrap the Lewis add a Madsen LMG and a Mondragon

First of all, I was thinking about Mauser rifle, since it was ubiquitous.

Secondly, I am definitely against scraping Lewis Gun. It is essential for this period.

Users of Lewis Gun have much bigger wargaming potential (China, Mexico and half of Latin America, Russia, Commonwealth, Tibet etc):

I was considering Madsen. But Madsen users are less wargamingable:
Yes there is Paraguay. But these militia do not have leather equipment! So it rather wont work for Paraguayan army!

So after consideration IMO Lewis Gun is much better option on precious sprue space then Madsen, I am so sorry. Still, maybe placing Madsen instead of Ak47 would be worthy to consider.

add a Kepi for minor South American armies, personally I think it would be better to concentrate on South American and do a seperate East Asia set

Thirdly, we cannot hope for separate sets for every militia (Latin America, SCW, Middle East, Back Of Beyond, China). I doubt we would gather enough support. I am afraid HaT wouldnt risk producing such set.

But one universal militia? In 1:72 most people cannot recognize any differences in cloth of 1910-1960 century poor peasant of warm climat: China, Mexico, Cuba, Middle East, Southern Spain, Armenia, Dark Africa, Far East, etc. All of them wore comfortable long loose trousers, long sleeved loose shirt, sandals, bag. Ammo belt. Maybe rolled blanket/coat/rice bag. Definitely NO leather military pouches. The only difference visible in 1:72 is headdress. That was premise of such design. The same bodies, different headdress. Its efficient, its sellable in mass quantities. HaT cannot lose on such set.

I doubt if such no leather military equipment militia cold work for any army, including Latin America. Even Paraguay. How such "concentrated on South America" set could work for armies and revolutionaries of Mexico, Paraguay and Bolivia? That's impossible.

I think we could try in the future to gather support for different set - typical 1910-1950 warm climat army: putees, universal leather equipment and ammo pouches. With choice of headdress like: kepis, caps, straw hats, different helmets. For China Warlords, Federales, Iranians etc. It's doable. If You point me photos of armies you would like to unify (the more simillar armies of many diffrent countries the better chance such project succeeds), I will try to draw such set for You. But is not the set we are gathering support now.

So I am afraid I have to respectfully disagree with You.

Re: Line drawings of XX-century Peasant Revolutionaries

I would be in for maybe half a dozen boxes of these. I do agree that maybe the assault rifle is a waste considering the time period of the other weapons, but not a deal breaker. I can always use spare aks for convervsion purposes.

Re: Line drawings of XX-century Peasant Revolutionaries

It will be short - I want that miniatures! :)

Re: Line drawings of XX-century Peasant Revolutionaries

Great idea, very useful set I'd buy 5-6 boxes if released.