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Memorial service for 10 December 2018

Dear all,

I tried contacting through the links but they don't seem to work. Anyway, I was wondering if anything is happening this year on the 10 December at the memorial in Staffordshire. This is because I plan to attend the memorial on this day as I am a member of the Holyhead Sea Cadet Unit which is also known as T.S Prince of Wales and an author for my soon to be published book on the full story of Prince of Wales. I heard that there is an annual remembrance held on the 10th December for both ships and would be honoured to be part of it. Please get in contact with me. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Oliver Cassidy.

Re: Memorial service for 10 December 2018


Sorry to leave this here.
But let me share what we have in Tokyo.

The memorial service is for all lost in the Battle of Malay, both on RN and IJN sides.

M. Tanaka

Re: Memorial service for 10 December 2018