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Cornelius Donoghue

What a coincidence.
It is strange how once in a lifetime precious coincidences occur. I was meeting a friend last night and we were chatting about life, work, families etc. As sometimes happens, we were chatting about news and politics. My friend mentioned being horrified by the stealing of metal of WWII battleships including the Prince of Wales. He was horrified as his Dad had served on the ship.I was so sure I had misheard him because my Grandfather Cornelius Donoghue (known as Steve) had served on the ship as 'BOY JX 164206.' What are the odds of this happening?

Today, I still cannot believe that two people can randomly meet, discuss life and have something in common that is so important to both families. It truly is unbelievable. I am sure there is so much more we need to discuss.

This coincidence has prompted me to write to see if anyone else knew my Grandfather, or if they have heard stories about him from their relatives. If so please could you contact me AND please can we all make efforts to ensure that their memories are respected, preserved and valued. It really is the least we can do. Whether on land or below sea these areas are consecrated and should be treated accordingly. How sad that some people value metal above the lives lost serving others.