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HMS Sleuth Survivors


My Father Thomas Woodall was a radar operator on the HMS Sleuth during World War 2. He celebrates his 91st Birthday on Sunday 7th August 2016. I am looking to see if there are any other survivors of the Sleuth that may remember my Dad.

I have recently been formatting a journal that he wrote of what he remembers about his time on HMS Sleuth. It is ongoing but I am happy with what has been produced so far.

It was be great to hear from anybody either related to any of the crew or indeed a fellow crew member.

Many thanks

Jeff Woodall

Re: HMS Sleuth Survivors


My name is Alan Matthews. It appears that my late father and your's may have served together on-board HMS Sleuth? I actually purchased the full, official, account of the Sleuth's time in the Far East from the Public Records Office last year. If you want to know more by all means email me on: