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Information about my Great Grandfather; Frank Groenenberg

I am a student at college studying media. One of our topics was to create a piece for Remembrance Sunday which is where my curiosity started. My name is Josh Groenenberg and I am the great grandson of Frank Groenenberg who served on the H.M.S Repulse (I.D. D/SR 66047). My Grandfather told me about a few years ago and how he was killed during Force-Z and I've always been fascinated. I was wondering wether anyone knew anything more than what I already know (this will be listed below) and help me better understand my family history and more importantly who my Great Grandfather really was. I know my Grandfather also thinks of him a lot and that finding out more about his father would be huge to him. He was a young boy when his father was killed on the Repulse, he couldn't even remember him all he has are photographs, medals and newspaper cuttings. He's proud of his father and I know he means a lot to him. This is what I know;

Frank was a Steward on the H.M.S Repulse and was part of the squad preparing to embark on the Force-Z Mission. I also have been told that repairs delayed the departure and then the air support never showed so they set off without it (Not sure if that's entirely true). I also know that the convoy was spotted by a Japanese pilot who then alerted other Japanese pilots thus triggering the attack and sinking the Repulse. However this is all I know.

I would really like to know a bit more about him, such as other missions, ships etc.
I would also like to know what he was like (although i know this one may be difficult to find). At the end of the day I really want to know more about and I know my Grandfather wants to too.

Thank You for reading this post and hope to get some replies soon!