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Re: Memorial Service at National Arboretum December 10th

I have visited the Arboretum today but unfortunately did not arrive in time for the Memorial Service. I did however visit the Memorial to the Repulse and Prince of Wales, where I placed a cross for my Uncle who was a Stoker First Class on The Repulse. His name was William Martin who was reported killed when the ship was sunk.
I was told later that a group of people visited the Memorial which I assume would have been your Father and I would have loved to have met him.

Kindest regards

Mr William Martin Hayward

Re: Memorial Service at National Arboretum December 10th

Hi William thanks for getting in touch. I am sorry we missed you. There was about twenty people there for Force Z. Only 2 survivors my dad and Maurice Pink who was a Royal Marine on Repulse. In the absence of a bugler my dad piped visitors on board with his old bosuns whistle.

We all had a toast of rum for the crew and I am sure you saw the wreaths that we left there. It seems that there are only four Repulse survivors know to the association, so it is down to the relatives to keep their memory alive.

There is a reunion planned for Easter weekend in Devon. My dad hopes to be there if he can.

All the best

Nick O'Hare