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Request for survivors of HMS Repulse

Dear all,

I work for the Daily Telegraph. I'd like to get in contact with survivors of the HMS Repulse or relatives of those on board for a story.

Please get in touch if you'd be willing to talk - my email is or you can call 0207 931 2000 and ask for the foreign desk.


Joel Gunter

Re: Request for survivors of HMS Repulse

i have only just seen your thread, however i am wondering if a story was ever written as i would be fascinated to read it, my grandfather was a survivor and had a very extraordinary life before joining the navy, im wondering if you being within the media sector could help me in discovering questions regarding his childhood and why he was actually denied access to the navy due to him being an adopted child although not legally until many years after birth due to adoption laws, if you would be interested in helping me then i would be happy to explain these details further

kind regards