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William James CORRIGAN Escapee MIA 18mths

The family story goes that during the WW2 William was a gunner on a Merchant Marine ship.His ship was believed captured in Singapore harbour. He and six other men escaped, stole a fishing boat in the harbour and made their way to Australia and from there found their way back to England. He was missing, presumed dead for over 18 months. For the rest of the war he was assigned to hazardous duty in the English Channel, patrolling the coast for enemy submarines and surface crafts. His Royal Navy Service Number was JX266619 and he enlisted Devonport 22 April 1941. His service record shows
"Glendower" 22 April 1941-28 July 1941
"President III" Acting G.E(Dems)29 July 1941-13 November 1941 Comm'd 22 April 1944
14 November 1941-3 Jan 1946 released in Class A.
I can send scans to any interested parties. I also have photos of him with other Royal Navy personnel from the ship.I can't read their caps.

Can anyone assist with the name of the ship he was on? Does anybody know anything about this story or where I could learn more to confirm it's validity?