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my great uncle clifford benson

hi please can anybody help to find out more info about able seaman clifford benson from royton who is my great uncle who served on hms repulse he was only 19 when it got hit and sunk. his brother at the time was in the army serving on the front line but never new what happend to his brother until after the war was over when he got told that his brother died at sea. so years later as a mark of respect he named his only son after his brother who never come home. as the years passed my dad had been told what happend to his uncle and with that my dad joined the army and went on to serve 22 yrs with para sqn royal armed corp before going on to serve with 3 para. and now i has been my turn to carry on with serving our county and have been doing for 14 and half yrs now. i would like to know more about his life in the navy and what he was like as a person. hope somebody out there can help me . cheers keith benson