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Question ref POW Turret mounted pom poms.

Initially let me say it is an honour to be a guest on your wonderful website. As an ex matelot of 25 years time done, I read of your exploits and others of other WW2 battlewagons with awe and respect. My dear departed uncle served , I am informed, on POW as a gunner. Sam Belcher was his name. Alas he crossed the bar in 1975 so I am unable to ask him my pressing question . I am unfortunately in ill health and in order to stop my mind from stopping completely I have started to make models of famous British ships, one of which is POW. I was amazed to see main turret mounted pom poms. My question is , Surely these AA guns were not manned if there was any danger of the main armament opening up. I would have thought that the noise and shock would have been enormous for the poor bu**ers on top of the turrets if this was the case. In my time in the RN , health and safety was just rearing it's head would you believe. I realise that wasn't the case in your day , but even so - could they have been manned as I describe ? I hope one of your fellas can help me out here. I am baffled and very curious . Yours Aye , Henry Cooper ( ex Charge Chief Tiffy )