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Commercial Salvage Operations In the Last Two Years on the wrecks of Prince of Wales and Repulse.

I recently dived on the Force Z wrecks (July 2013) for the first time in two years and was dismayed and deeply saddened to find that they have been commercially salvaged in that time. The props on the wreck of the Prince of Wales have been removed and both her and Repulse are leaking fuel oil into the South China Sea due to damage from what appears to be the use of explosives. There is story going around that the UK government has sold salvage rights to the wrecks is this true? As the damage is considerable and disrespectful. One of my close friends is a hydrographic officer in the RN and I have also contacted him informally about this as he has surveyed the wrecks in the past. I am not sure if your group is already aware that this has happened.

Best Wishes,