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I have to express my deep dissapointment at the total absence of any form of response from survivors association members to the passing of my father. He had been a very active member of the association for 15 years and it was only after failing health limited his mobility that he had to cease attending the annual reunions. He also gave a substantial sum of money (he was not a wealthy man) towards the memorial at the national arboretum.

More importantly, he fought long and hard for many years ago to help the ships gain designation as war graves under PMRA; e.g. lobbying our local authority & MP's, and numerous press interviews.

It would appear that such issues don't warrant any form of support from the association. I now accept this and will, therefore, not be visiting this site again. Any future enquiries to me, of a historic or other nature, emanating from this site will not be subject to any form of response from me.

Alan Matthews

Former Chairman of the HMS Prince of Wales & HMS Repulse Survivors Association