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Re: seeking information on my husband's family

Hi Elaine,

I am actively researching the Valguarnera records through microfilm at the LDS FHC. I use their on-line film catalog to figure out which film I want to order, then I go to my local FHC and order the film for $3.25 per roll, I believe you get it for 6 weeks.

The LDS FHC website is:

In the 3rd column, there will be a link to the catalog. Choose to search by Place Name, and type in Valguarnera. Choose the Civil Records, and you get a listing of films to order from.

It is also quite possible to write to Valguarnera and request a "State of the Family Certificate" to get you started. I wrote for one, and I wrote in Italian. Since I did not know what the charges might be, I asked for them to bill me, and they did not request anything when they sent the document. There is a great site I use which has form letters if you do not write Italian. The site is called Il Circolo Calabrese and the URL is:

In the blue bar, at the end on the right will be a link for "Resources". Choose "Form Letters" and go from there.

Right now I have only seen films for Civil Records in VC. It is possible that you can find Church Records at the Provincial level, say Caltanissetta, since that is where VC was way back in time. There are Church Records for Caltanissetta, but it is a gamble whether they have records for VC - I have not gone this far yet.

Ok, back to Civil Records - these are great and have a wealth of information in them. You can get births, deaths and marriages. You can also search through Pubblicazioni (marriage announcments) and Allegati (not sure exaclty, but are births, etc). I would definately start with Civil Records.

I also research Bagheria, outside of Palermo (back to the 1740's now), and have not come across newspapers.

Also I have a Grazia Oliveri married to Giuseppe Interlicchia before 1859. Grazia's father was Giuseppe Oliveri, and she was born about 1844. Unfortunately, I do not have any more information on the Oliveri side.

I hope this helps - please feel free to e-mail me with me with more questions!

-Stephanie L.

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Replying to:

I am seeking information on my husband's family. The Oliveri family

lived in Valguarnera in the 1800s to early 1900s. They owned a flour

mill. Raffaele Oliveri and Assunta Sarina Indovino Oliveri had five


Rosaria (1884) Married Santo Catalfo (or Catalfano) of Raddusa

Assunta (1886) Married Delphio Cassara

Angela (?) Married Luigi Genovese; upon his death she married Mariano


Christopher (1889) Married Paolina Genovese

Filippina (1906) Married Mariano Dretto upon death of her sister, Angela

Can anyone tell me where to find the marriage records, civil records,

location of the camponella, death records and emigration records, and

any other informationto be fould in public records?. I have many

photos, but none are identified. I believe Angela, Rosaria and Assunta

left from Palermo to go the the USA. I would also like to know where I

can obtain copies of newspaper articles for Palermo newspapers in the

early 1900s.

Any help ypu can give me would be most appreciated.

With best regards.

Elaine Gervasi