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Re: Prussian Infantry 7yw painted

Musketeers and Grenadiers from the 7th Prussian Regiment for the 7yw. I used the Miniatures from HÄT 8280-8282 in Scale 1/72. Hope you enjoy!

Blog with pictures

Excellent figures. If the first picture represents the contents of one box then it would be easy to build an army of several regiments, one box per regiment with poses swapped around so everyone matches or complements eachn other.

You do excellent paintwork. They remind me of the illustrations in Grant's The War Game, only newer and better detailed. As time and money allow, I will definitely be adding these to my collection.


Re: Prussian Infantry 7yw painted


Very nice painting indeed.

Just a tip. I have found that if you are photographing a group of figures such as here it helps if you can get them lined up together.

The depth of field allows the focus to concentrate on a spot and anything in front or behind will be out of focus.

Another trick us to focus on the front rank and then the guys behind will slowly go out of focus in their ranks.

I hope this is of use.

Best wishes,


Re: Prussian Infantry 7yw painted

Hey, isn't that Barry Lyndon? Hi Barry where did you steal that pussian uniform?

Re: Prussian Infantry 7yw painted

Hello Tom!

WOW! Those are some very fine looking miniatures. The brushwork is very neat, and the details really "pop" on the individuals. When placed in a group, they really do look the part for wargaming or dioramas. If my own efforts to paint the same figures end up somewhere even close to your results, I'll be more than satisfied.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to share your photos with us. It gives me a goal to try to achieve. If you have any painting "tips" to pass along, I for one, would be very interested. Keep up the good work!

All The Best,


Re: Prussian Infantry 7yw painted

Astonishing! Masterful painting on supremely magnificent sculpts!

Re: Prussian Infantry 7yw painted - Thanks for the comments/opinions/tips :-)

Thanks for the comments/opinions/tips :-)

Re: Prussian Infantry 7yw painted

Nicely painted, now if only they had some supporting Artillery and maybe an enemy, maybe French or Russian?

Best regards,