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Re: Set 8134 My HaT Etruscan Army is here!

8134 Etruscan Army
8134 Etruscan Army
The mold for this set is completed but apparently is not in good condition.
There are no plans to make this mold again at this time.

right there in the hat catalogue couldn't be any clearer

Yes, I know. I, at least, can read. But I'm not sure how I can be any clearer. I have the box for this set. No more but also, no less. This seems odd.


Re: Set 8134 My HaT Etruscan Army is here!

there must be something wrong with me because i understand what you asked.

Re: Set 8134 My HaT Etruscan Army is here!

Paint Dog,

It might help if you shared the name and location of the vendor you purchased the item from.

Can you make a scan or photo of your particular box and post it?

This set has been in limbo for quite some time so any boxes printed for the set must have been stored somewhere for a long time before somehow getting loose into the distribution chain.

A mystery

The box came via a chap I found on Ebay. He is an Australian vendor.

The box looks exactly like this one:

It has the art work on the front "defaced" with a swirling line from a black marker. The box is also partly covered with brown packing tape.

I figure that it *may* have come from Mr Andy Gorman of New Zealand:

or some one else who got a test box & contents.

Anyway, it's a mystery.