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Re: Ottomans, Napoleonic...and not the sitting on kind...these bite.

The Ottomans were very conservative regarding military fashions. Consequently, the various Janissary sets available would suffice for the hard core of the army. To this can be added HaT's Zouaves painted as Nizami. They aren't perfect but reasonably close. Red Box has recently brought out some artillery, Akinjis, Sipahi and so forth. HaT Cossacks can stand in for Wallachians, with dismounted versions supplied by the various Strelets bonus figures.

The composition and hence appearance of Ottoman armies varied a lot by location. In the Balkans you would have Albanians and Arnauts. In Syria you would have Arabs and Mamelukes. North of the Black Sea you would have Tatars, who kept the dress and tactics of their Mongol forebears.

Lots can be done with existing sets.

Re: Ottomans, Napoleonic...and not the sitting on kind...these bite.

Irregular miniatures do a range of Napoleonic Ottomans in 20mm white metal. They are a little smaller than plastic figures but as there is nothing to mix them with anyway that shouldn't be a problem...