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Zulus and crowdfunding

Agh..I have been away from the hobby for quite some time, have logged in and can see that unmarried Zulus have been a crowdfunding project, and that I have missed the pledging stage - curses!

Will sets only be available to those who pledged, or does the product become available to the buying public after the pledgers get their sets? How does it work exactly?

I missed out on pledges for some sci-fi sets from another company a while ago, and I never saw the product become available in their store after that, so I hope it does not follow suit that these Zulus will be a limited run only! Really could do with at least four sets of these.

Cheers, John

Re: Zulus and crowdfunding

The unmarried Zulu`s closed yesterday, so email Hat and you may be lucky, or not, they probably will go on general sale , but no idea of time scale etc

Re: Zulus and crowdfunding

Now all that's left is the long do we have to wait is the next question?

Re: Zulus and crowdfunding

When I was a lad working in a tool shop (retail) the local apprentices were sent to us during their first days and weeks of working life for a long weight (wait) this we duly supplied by ignoring them until they got angry, we also supplied buckets of electricity, and sky hooks etc , anyway waiting is relative , a long wait to one my be but a brief moment in time to the next. My educated guess is not that long, we wait for the mould to be cut, then it`s all systems go, I expect to have lots of painted unmarried Zulu`s in 2017

Re: Zulus and crowdfunding

Alan Buckingham
The unmarried Zulu`s closed yesterday, so email Hat and you may be lucky,

Crowdfunding for Zulus is closed.