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Re: New set

Andrew Wardroper
... or require a crowdfunding effort to make the effort worth the time.

I suggest a quick easy money maker is to ...

Personally, I think crowdfunding is the best thing that could have happened to figures and model making.

My suggestion for a quick and easy money maker is to pinpoint a war or era that is lacking figures but has popular appeal and requires fairly large amount of troops. So that narrows it down to the English Civil War.

English Civil War and/or Thirty Years War. I'd buy plenty of both, for historical and Lord Kalvan armies.


Re: New set

"I suggest a quick easy money maker is to MAC the existing British Peninsular set and provide extra sprues of alternate heads - 1812 and tapered light infantry shakos. The molds already exist..."

I think there maybe a fundamental misunderstanding of how plastic figure molds are made here. The mold that already exists will make the set that already exists you cannot use it to make different sets. You may be able to use the master figures to make a new mold if they survived the mold-making process but that is a pretty expensive process.