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Re: New set

No need to change anything with this set of Phenomenal Figures the only problem seems to being able to keep them in stock for more than 5 minutes (at least in the UK), Hat have been making a real effort to re-released most of their out of stock sets in the last year but, many of the best Napoleonic sets seem to keep missing the boat, Hat surly have been missing out on sales here.

All the following need restocking:

8219 1808-1812 French Light Infantry Chasseurs Marching
8251 1808-1812 French Light Infantry Chasseurs Action
8252 1808-1812 French Light Infantry Chasseurs Command
8147 Waterloo Nassau Infantry
8186 Peninsular War British Infantry
8304 Nap. British Infantry Command
8027 Napoleonic Austrian Infantry
8198 Austrian Grenadiers
8204 Austrian Grenzer
8233 Austrian Landwehr
8253 Late Prussian Infantry Marching
8254 Late Prussian Infantry Action
8255 Late Prussian Infantry Command
8146 1805 French in Greatcoats

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