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Re: Herbst '44

Thank you to Bill and James for their kind comments.

Whilst destroying our creations is not in our normal DNA it saves a lot of space and pacifies the Feldmarschall.

I am not sure what make two of the T 34/85 s were as I got them in winter colours at a show and repainted them.

Two are the Del Prado magazine items with plastic 85 gun turrets which work well as per the original!

I got a large amount of Panthers, Tigers, Sherman's and T 34 s from the magazine via the late Model Zone shops in the UK. They are well detailed and at five English pounds were a bargain.

I am still thinking about a railway element for you Bill but in the meantime I am back in Belgium as Blucher has big problems.

Best wishes,


Re: Herbst '44

I believe half the fun (and frustration) is in the build. And for those of us with limited space, the rest is in photographing to chronicle our achievements. Choosing the right light and angles can be so important and rewarding when you take out the album for a trip down memory lane.

In both cases the work displayed was phenomenal. I was particularly impressed with the backdrops for your pictures which seemed to add the touch of fog or battle smoke, that heightened the effect.

Re: Herbst '44

Atmospheric, superb diorama and photography--magnificent!


Re: Herbst '44

Striking pictures of an excellent display. In black and white I believe a couple would have even passed for era pictures.

And I'm SOOooo glad you mentioned the metal tanks lent themselves to being set on fire. While they truly added to the realism, it would have been a shame to sacrifice models in that fashion. It still irks me that I once broke down a dozen tanks for their running gear to convert Opel trucks into maultiers before I learned about the kits available through Plastic Soldier.