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Re: Medieval Armies

Yes. What I'd like to see sets of:

- Dark Age Welsh and Scots. Everyone does the Saxons, Normans and Vikings, but some bare legged Northmen would be nice.
- Irish mercenaries, Gallowglass, Kern, preferably looking a bit earlier than the Redbox troops.
- Scots for the Scottish War of Independence. Tho I don't really trust anyone with pikes in 1:72, maybe HaT could do them justice (even if only with open hands...or not even open hands, make us drill them, but make the hands aligned at least).
- Hobilars for the Hundred Years War. Or some generic light cavalry.
- Crusader Sergeants. Again, knights everywhere, no sergeants to be found. Also, turcopoles - the El Cid infantry can be used as infantry, even for 3rd crusade, or at least that's what I want to do...
- Hungarians! Nobody does them (us), but we had a fairly interesting army, a combination of East and West with hussars, knights and mercenaries.

From the top of my head, that's all :)

Re: Medieval Armies

i am with you on more dark age sets.if i might add to your list,lombards and later goths.
hungarian sets,both dark age and medieval would be very interesting sets.