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A Plea For Hoplites

I was scrolling through the "Ancients" listings today, and I came across the Greek Hoplite Set. I had forgotten how GOOD these fellows look and I NEED to get my grubby mitts on some boxes of them ASAP!

I know, I know...HaT is already going to re-release the SYW Prussian Infantry; release the British Light Dragoons, and the SYW Austrian Infantry...with SYW Prussian Artillery looming on the horizon sometime 2017 is looking pretty awesome, and I'm a happy camper!

(Hey! I'm a wargamer! Flitting like a butterfly through all the historical periods is a birthright!) Those evil Canadian Trolls that call themselves, "The Perfect Captain" have a set of rules called, "Hoplomachia", and these guys would be a "perfect" addition!

Re: A Plea For Hoplites

Me too!
And with the separate hoplon,
they'll make a really decent shield wall.

Re: A Plea For Hoplites

This is one of the Hat sets I still eagerly await. As said, a nice little formation could be done with them. And with the plain shields, as opposed to other offers coming with moulded imagery. I prefer the plain shields, because with the proper decals, we can have formations from different city-states.

Re: A Plea For Hoplites

hear hear.ive been waiting for these for a long time.

Re: A Plea For Hoplites

Itoo believe there is a need for hoplite. Yes other companies make hoplite but half of them are swordsmen,and the rest brandishing their weapons all over the place everywhere but forward (not bad if you want to create a set for a vintage 1950's or 1960's swords and sandals movie but not so good if you want a realistic looking phalanx bristling with spears). Personally I like the Archaic period when the Greek Hoplite was making his reputation because of the great variety of opponents they were able to meet and fight against as well as each other. By the way, that time period overlaps with Hatt's
assyrian army and some of their auxiliary troops could be pressed into service with the Greeks as well.

Re: A Plea For Hoplites

Sure, Hoplites why not, but I'd prefer a new Macedonian Phalanx set with ring hands instead of gluing plastic broom sticks as sarissas...