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A Plea For Hoplites

I was scrolling through the "Ancients" listings today, and I came across the Greek Hoplite Set. I had forgotten how GOOD these fellows look and I NEED to get my grubby mitts on some boxes of them ASAP!

I know, I know...HaT is already going to re-release the SYW Prussian Infantry; release the British Light Dragoons, and the SYW Austrian Infantry...with SYW Prussian Artillery looming on the horizon sometime 2017 is looking pretty awesome, and I'm a happy camper!

(Hey! I'm a wargamer! Flitting like a butterfly through all the historical periods is a birthright!) Those evil Canadian Trolls that call themselves, "The Perfect Captain" have a set of rules called, "Hoplomachia", and these guys would be a "perfect" addition!

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