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Re: Baggara Horse

Agreed these would be very useful sets. HäT should really also consider making
Egyptian Artillery and Infantry for Tel-el-Kebir and the early part of the Sudan war. The Egyptian set from W1815
is for the 1890`s with the new style uniform quite different from the old all white uniform of the early 1880's.
More Dervishes - perhaps a command set -would be great and lets hope the long awaited Baggage camels make their appearance soon.

As I'm sure you know, this HaT set is useful:

I have a few boxes waiting conversion into Ansar.


Re: Baggara Horse

British with neck curtains in the style of the Zulu War British.
Egyptians in White uniform with double ammo pouches and some accessory backpacks nice and simple like the movie "Khartoum."
The Camel Baggage set already ready.
More Dervishes and Fuzzy Wuzzys in the tradition of "The Four Feathers"

I'd like everything you make, but especially the British in neck curtains to stand in those firing lines like the movie "Young Winston."

Thank you for listening!