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Re: SYW Cavalry

Martin Meltzer
Hi Marco,

I sure hope that you are right, and that HaT will eventually make them! Ever since I came across Grant's, "The Wargame", lo, these many years ago, I have been looking for miniatures that I could afford on my, then, "starving student" budget and looked good. Airfix ARW were easy on the ol' warchest, but had some truly odd poses. I bought them anyway, despite the lack of artillery and cavalry.

Time marched on. My wargaming budget got larger, and more companies became available. Revell's sets were good, but limited. Zvezda's GNW line was "close enough", and their Prussian Grenadiers and Hussars were welcome additions. But, in my opinion, HaT beats them all by a long shot.

I would love to see what HaT's proposed Prussian Cuirassiers and Dragoons look like. Thanks for mentioning that you had come across them in the past.

All The Best,


Hello, Martin! I, too, discovered Grant's book, and it's been my Bible for H&M wargaming from the Revolution to the Civil War ever since. I focused on Napoleonics because they were what I could find, thanks to Airfix, and a LARGE purchase at a sale in Singapore netted me so many I'm still working on them almost forty years later!

I saw in a recent article by Grant's son that the original armies turned brittle with age and had to be replaced with modern ones in the same poses. Same regiments, too. Seeing the familiar flags and uniforms in color for the first time was great!


Re: SYW Cavalry

I do not remember any Hat SYW Cavalry. When Hat first announced that they would produce SYW Prussians I went out and bought up from three different modelling shops three more Revell Austrian Infantry sets and a second Artillery set. Now I am painting those and also have a few boxes of Dragoons but for Cuirassiers I have had to convert. Similarly, for Hussars apart from the Prussians in Mirliton I have used other makers Napoleonic sets. However, for the Austrians a dedicated set with the distinctively dressed Musician would be very welcome.

Best regards,