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Hat 8204 Austrian Grenzer?

Is this going to be restocked any time soon? Or does any vendor have a few in stock? I have had no luck hunting a few boxes down.


Re: Hat 8204 Austrian Grenzer?

It's funny you posted this as I was recently wondering the same thing. I gave up looking for them. It would be nice if Hat would re-issue these figures. There are several scenarios I could use them for. Thanks for posting. Hopefully Hat will consider them in future re- stocks. Cappy

Re: Hat 8204 Austrian Grenzer?

Hello: Yes, keep the requests coming. If the Grenzers aren't already on the restock list, they will be added on for the next one, Cheers, HaT-Twitter

Re: Hat 8204 Austrian Grenzer?


Re: Hat 8204 Austrian Grenzer?

YES!!!!!!!!!! Please restock these at the first opportunity. Grenzers are like potato chips or salted peanuts...there are NEVER enough!

With the impending restock of the SYW Prussian infantry, the eventual arrival of the SYW Austrian infantry, and the initial appearance of the British Peninsula Light Dragoons...2017 is shaping up to be a great year!