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Re: SYW Austrian Infantry query?

I'm with hefay. I salivate at the prospect of decent grenzer figures. The two units I have are conversions, featuring Airfix British Hussar heads on Airfix British Hussar bodies, augmented with cigarette paper capes. These are less than ideal but I cannot bring myself to pay the asking price for the metal grenzers available in 1/72nd, pretty as they may be.[/quote]

'Airfix Hussar heads on Airfix Hussar bodies'? Isn't that a bit redundant? Or is that a typo?


Re: SYW Austrian Infantry query?

Oops! I meant Airfix Grenadiers.

In fact, some are the Hussars squatting behind their horses, with the horses removed, the pelisse reformed into a cape and the sabre replaced by the musket from the crawling figure from the Washington's Army set.