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Re: What else can WWI Rusian infantry be used for?

I'm not familiar with Mexican uniforms if the time, but the Russian tunic was rather unique, so my guess would be no.

Boxer Rebellion, I think Russian infantrymen had no peaks on their caps.

For the Russo-Japanese War they should work just fine, though the colours were different than WWI (more whitish blouse and dark green trousers).

Another possibility is the Russian Civil War where they can be used for just about every faction.

If you do a head swap and give them kepis they might also work for various campaigns in Asia in the mid-late 19th century (if you can overlook the fact that the rifles aren't 100 percent correct).

Re: What else can WWI Rusian infantry be used for?

Another use would be as Bulgarians, who, despite their joining the Central Powers in WWI, modelled their uniform after the Russians.

A better choice for Mexicans would be early great war British.

On a vaguely-related note, I use the HaT reissue of the Airfix WWI British as Japanese for 1905. They are 1/76th scale and so appropriately smaller than the 1/72nd scale HaT Russians, just as the average Japanese soldier was noticeably smaller than his Russian counterpart in 1905.

I chose to paint these converted Japanese in 1905 khaki rather than 1904 blue so that they could stand in for Mexican Federales. My long standing plan is to use Airfix/HaT WWI Americans as Pershing's forces for the 1916 intervention. I'm at a loss for a reliable source for Villa's forces. IMEX promised me they'd be released in September of 1999. I remain optimistic that they will be made some day by someone. Murphy dictates that when they do come they will be massively overscale.

Re: What else can WWI Rusian infantry be used for?

Boxer rebellion Russians - without peak.

WW2 Soviets - after headswap.

About the Mexicans, if metal is an option you might want to check Shellhole Scenics and Early War Miniatures who do a whole range:

No connection to the companies. Regards, Pat

Re: What else can WWI Rusian infantry be used for?

1.russo-japanee war
2.russo-turkish war 1877-78 ( imperial guard had peaked caps)
3.boxer rebelion
4.russian colonial wars of 1859-99 (caucasian wars)
5.russian civil war
6.chinese civil war