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Dismounted Huns

Any chance of a Hun infantry set to complement the rather nice HaT cavalry?

Initially, of course, the Huns were a mounted army as they swept in from the Asian steppe, but some historians believe that after settling in the Hungarian basin many Hun warriors adopted to fighting on foot, even relying on Germanic subjects for a cavalry force.

This was partly down to the relative lack of grazing pasture for their horses (each warrior needed many horses), but also adapting to the more static forms of warfare needed in European conditions.

Difficult to pin down exactly what these warriors would have looked like, probably a mixture of many different styles of dress and armour, but an interesting project.

Re: Dismounted Huns

Also needed for sieges!

Re: Dismounted Huns

As well as dismounted Huns I would also suggest a Hun wagon set so that
a Hun camp can be made. If HäT do make more Huns I just hope they are
smaller than in their first set.

Re: Huns

I'd just like to see the Huns re-issued in 1/72 scale. They were notorious for many things, but being over six foot tall was not one of them!
(Incidentally, what happened to their reins? Did someone get them confused with Numidians?)