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A tale of 35 armies - Hanover


I have just started a new blog charting the progress of my collecting/painting project; no less than 35 wargaming armies, all in 1/72 plastic, covering the various States involved in the campaigns of the French Revolution and Napoleonic wars. All the big players you would expect plus quite a few obscure ones too.

The 1st army to be posted is Hanover, which will be by far the smallest army.

I'm planning to add lots of other posts covering wargame reports, homegrown rules for Napoleonic campaigns and sieges and other things, nearly all of which will feature 1/72 figures.

Thanks for looking,

Re: A tale of 35 armies - Hanover

Look forwards to seeing these!! Will you be including army lists too ? What ratio will you be using?

Re: A tale of 35 armies - Hanover

Very to a great start!!

Enjoyed your other blog posts as well, including the Napoleonic Museum in Havana, Cuba.


Re: A tale of 35 armies - Hanover

Simply beautiful jobs on the figures. I am inspired by your unique and ambitious project. I learned a great deal as well (which is always a pleasure...keeps me from getting too arrogant :)

Was really surprised by the Cuba museum story (congratulations on the marriage, btw.) And you have given me a whole new insight into Hanover! Thank you for sharing!