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Re: Vote on your ACW command... and sizing!


Well, I'm not blind, have normal hands, and can easily see that if you put a straight edge across the shoulders of the 3 HaT sets, they are all the same scale. I've got hundreds of HaT Zouaves, and have had for decades, and they all blend well with my other ACW sets. The only problem is, the other sets are horrible, and HaT's are perfect. I wish I could post the Contributions I sent to HaT ("H") years ago with backpack conversions from the British downsized copies of the Herald ACW set made in both Grey and Blue, but the site is in transition.

OK, so, like all the experts here who have used digital pictures with feeler-guage thin shims under the bases of the figures, and over thought the text, with my crooked straight-edge, I can see all of HaT's figures are very, very consistent in scale. So please HaT, use any of the 3 HaT samples Neilad kindly has shown us since there is no difference in scale at all. For those who have a gripe with HaT's excellent Zouaves, then I'd recommend moving left in the picture until you hit the Penninsular guy, another great HaT set I've got I can highly recommend in nice 1/72 scale. Thank you HaT for please not upscaling your ACW sets to match other companies products and sticking with your own range.

Actually, when I use my fancy digital images and put parallel lines across there's about a 0.5 mm in it at the shoulder and 1mm at the eyes, ie the eyes of the Zouave sit between the nose and mouth of the other HaT figures, and the feeler-gauge thin shims is blue tack to everyone else to stop someone complaining that the image doesn't give a true representation. I would post that image but I figure what's the point because you know what. Your right..... No-ones going to convince you that your not, and you're entitled to your opinion.

Some may say the height difference is within reason and who am I to argue. On reflection, its maybe not so much the height that's the issue just that the Zouave figures look like adolescents next to the other figures, including the HaT British in the image. Tiny heads and small features. They actually look more compatible with the ACTA figures that you seem to think are so useless. And I too have the Strelets command figures and the HaT Zouaves still look like teenagers next to them. I actually don't like the Zouave figures and most of mine have had head swaps. Nobody here is over thinking anything. HaT asked for input, I provided my opinion, as did others, which we are at liberty to do, as you have. What they do with the input is up to them. I believe if they aim in size similar to the British figures (since you've stated that you believe they are compatible), which should give similar heft that I'd be looking for, everyone will be happy , and that's all we can ask for.

Re: Vote on your ACW command... and sizing!

Duplicate figures #6 and #7

Include all heads (multiple sprews already duplicates them)

Match height with Zouaves - keep the range consistent - I already have lots of Zouaves in both colors with both offerings of accessories and would like to do some head swops with kepis onto them from your new ACW sets - your new ACW figs are already brawny size so any taller they will overshadow the Zouaves - don't make them too big like Italeri/Esci - Strelets Commands sets match perfectly with your Zouaves - Your Zouaves are the best and not too tall like Emhar (keep your range consistent and ignore other companies figures - ACTA the smallest and most useless) Like I said, keep your range consistent