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Re: Vote for your 7YW Austrian set and sizing!

The Marching Set of 12 figures per sprue: 4 sprues per box, for a total of 48 figures per box is looking pretty good to me! (Translation: Shut Up And Take My Money!) The same goes for the Action Set.

For the Command Set, I would like to see the following per sprue:

1 Mounted Colonel

2 of Pose #1 - Officer with Spontoon

2 of Pose #2 - Flagbearer

3 of Pose #3 - Sgt. with Halbard

2 of Pose #4 - Drummer (If absolutely necessary, I could "get by" with just one.)

1 of Pose #5 - Grenadier Sgt.

4 Sprues per box.

As for size....I would like them to match the HaT Prussians. Now the only question that remains is, "How soon can I get them delivered to me?!!!!".