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Re: Vote for your 7YW Austrian set and sizing!

I would also have liked to have seen the separate heads and scabbards/packs, even at the cost of a couple of figures per sprue.

However, if that's not possible, I think the proposed layout has too many grenadiers. A typical Austrian battalion would have had four fusilier companies of about 120 men each (counting only musket-armed soldiers, without officers, musicians, NCOs, etc.) and no more than one grenadier company of just over 80 men. That would give a fusilier/grenadier ratio of 5-6/1, so I would drop a grenadier or two from each set, particularly considering that the Revell set also has far more grenadiers than it should.

As for size, please make them compatible either with your own Prussians, or with Revell's Austrians. I don't mind very much which of the two, since they seem fairly compatible to me.


Re: Vote for your 7YW Austrian set and sizing!

The Marching Set of 12 figures per sprue: 4 sprues per box, for a total of 48 figures per box is looking pretty good to me! (Translation: Shut Up And Take My Money!) The same goes for the Action Set.

For the Command Set, I would like to see the following per sprue:

1 Mounted Colonel

2 of Pose #1 - Officer with Spontoon

2 of Pose #2 - Flagbearer

3 of Pose #3 - Sgt. with Halbard

2 of Pose #4 - Drummer (If absolutely necessary, I could "get by" with just one.)

1 of Pose #5 - Grenadier Sgt.

4 Sprues per box.

As for size....I would like them to match the HaT Prussians. Now the only question that remains is, "How soon can I get them delivered to me?!!!!".