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Re: Vote on your ACW marching set!

Ok, I'm going to make some assumptions here and then provide some logic to my choices. I'm assuming that this set will be generic. ie to cover both sides, as there has been no hint to separate side being produced. I'm going to assume that with 12 figures to a sprue that the box is going to contain 4 sprues and therefore 48 figures. If its a 5 sprue, 60 figure box even better, but will assume the lesser.
HaT has stated 4 heads and 4 bodies can be duplicated so it seems strange that some of the responses mention only one head and one body. (minor point, I guess your just expressing what you want to be duplicated and don't care what else is)

I'll start with the bodies. Looks like we have 2 in shell jackets(#1, #4), 1 in a shirt(#5), 4 in sack coats (one of which has a blanket roll, #3,#6,#7,#8) and one frock coat(#2). Shell jackets were primarily used by Confederates. Although NY units in shell jackets for the Union is possible. The shirt is most likely only really usable with Confederates. The Frock coat could be used for Iron Brigade or a number of other units of both sides.

I think we need to increase the number of Shell jackets to make this a useful set for both sides equally. So I'd include duplicate body #1 and #4. I think the blanket roll figure should be duplicated as well and the last one would be a toss up between another sack coat #3 or the frock coat #4. The only concerns I would have in duplicating the frock coat is it would be more for specific units and the ratio to other jackets. I think if this body was duplicated there would need to be at least 5 head duplications or addition of another head. ie having 13 heads per sprue because having more frock coats means you need to be able to use heads other than the hardee hat and if you do there will be a figure that does not have a useful head. (the hardee had with other bodies would be less useful). So lets say we duplicate the frock coat.

This will mean each sprue would have
4 shell jackets
1 shirt
5 sack coats
2 frock coats

Moving to the heads. As we only have one useful confederate hat head it would have to be duplicated. It would be preferred to see another head with a hat. (surely this wouldn't be a hard task?)

With the frock coat inclusion then duplicating head #4 would make sense. As stated though HaT should consider duplicating either another head for the frock body or producing another head with a hat to allow multi use of this body (ie provide at least 13 heads per sprue instead of 12). The other heads to duplicate would then be #7, #3 and #2 in that order.

So to be clear based on this I'd suggest
Duplicating bodies, #1, #2, #4 and #7
Duplicating heads, #6, #7, #3, #4 (and because of the frock coat duplication, either duplicating head #2 or adding a new head with a hat, to give 13 heads per sprue). Its far handier to have more heads than bodies for choice and it takes up minimal room to add these. More than 13 heads would be ideal but only if there were more heads with hats.

Re: Vote on your ACW marching set!

I agree with Neilad, it seems to be the best balanced option:

Duplicating bodies, #1, #2, #4 and #7
Duplicating heads, #6, #7, #3, #4

Still I hope for separate sets for each side.

Re: Vote on your ACW marching set!

Agree 100% with Neilad on the bodies.

As for heads, ideally another slouch hat would be nice. Otherwise, duplicate the head with the Hardee hat and quadruplicate the head with the slouch hat.

Re: Vote on your ACW marching set!

3 - 4 bodies with blanket-roll. He works for both Union and Confederates. Other than him, any dup the others want for coats and heads is fine.

Separate sets; separate colors for blue and grey.

Re: Vote on your ACW marching set!

I would like to see head No. 6 duplicated. As many as possible extra.

Re: Vote on your ACW marching set!


This set will have 12 figures, therefore 4 heads and 4 bodies can be duplicated! Make your voice heard!

May I suggest a head with havelock? Maybe the demand for Bull Run isn't that great though..