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Re: Prussian Landwehr Drumming up support

I have increased my order if you are thinking of doing the same or making your first order now would be a good time.

On my last email to Hat about how the crowdfunding was going they replied they would make a decision on Monday, sounds a bit ominous to me.

I know I keep joking about buying the remaining boxes but if you can help us out as my joke is going to bite me on bum.

Remember Every Little Helps

Re: Prussian Landwehr Drumming up support

Hopefully if they are going to call it, they could ring the bell for last orders and anyone on the fence can make their final decision one way or another. Also we could get the word around other forums that its time for last orders if that is the case.

Re: Prussian Landwehr Drumming up support

I have now doubled my order for the Prussian landwehr this is a lot of money for me but they have been number 1 on my wishlist for a long time and I could not let the crowdfunding fail when it's so close to victory.

Re: Prussian Landwehr Drumming up support

Looks like we have lift off Prussian Landwehr Crowdfunding status shows stage 9 Approved, Still taking pledges and the progress bar has turned green.

It looks like Every Little Helps has helped. and Bonus Figures are being decided