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Re: The Gold Napoleon

I heard a story about a golfer who had died and after he was cremated among the ashes was his metal replacement hip from an operation he had years ago.

One of his last requests was to have his ashes spread over his beloved golf course and to have the old metal hip mounted on a plinth to make a trophy, now every year the golf club play a tournament in his honour with the winner getting this trophy.

Re: The Gold Napoleon

Malcolm Robinson
A few years ago, I had too many Napoleons, too many to use in wargames...

... so, I painted one gold, mounted him on a block I pilfered from my children and wrote on the side "Veni, Vidi, Vici".

The winner of our infrequent "fights" keeps the trophy until next fight.

I am pleased to report that after many years elsewhere, the Gold Napoleon has returned home, though perhaps only for a short holiday.

Happy gaming.

Mal R

Sounds like a good name for a Sherlock Holmes novel!