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Re: Landwehr at Seven

There has been a couple of topics started on the miniatures page

And bennos

There is some ideas for converting Prussian Landwehr and has caused a bit of discussion and kept the topic near the top of the board. It would be great if other Prussian Landwehr plegders and supporters could pop over and comment and keep the discussion alive.

Re: Landwehr at Seven

Brian, to be honest I cant remember, But Mr Hat may, I as everyone here knows ,wanted those Zulu`s, and was determined to do all I could to help make it happen, my gut feel is they will get a spurt on in the next couple of weeks, people are still paying for Christmas and New year , so maybe no spare cash in January, but now we are in February maybe those Prussians are not an extravagance now, and can be purchased. I think keeping it as high a profile as you can helps, even some of the haters on the other forum helped by keeping the thread live and getting more visitors to it,and more exposure as a result. There are far more Nappy fans than Zulu war fans in our scale so it should sail home, but maybe that is part of the issue, complacency. Those last 50 boxes were snapped up, some by people who had already bought, but wanted to see the project over the line, myself included . If every nappy fan who ever visited this forum had bought two boxes of Prussians they would have been at ten ages ago, and many time`s over to boot. So I think it`s about raising the profile still further and just reminding people that seven is a lot closer to the finish line than one was. Getting a German speaker on side to plug it on the German forums would probably help too.

Re: Landwehr at Seven

Hi Alan,

How are the Prussian Landwher progressing compared to the Zulu's in terms of stages reached, the Prussians reached stage 4 in 7 days, 5 in 10 days, 6 in 12 and 7 in 20, not much happening since.

Also how long did it take to get the Zulu's down to last 50 odd boxes which went very quickly if I remember correctly and what actually got you over the point of no return.

The Zulu set was slower to start as it was a completely new event and not everyone was aware of it. Otherwise the progress of both sets are similar.

Once it was down to the last 50, it ended quite quickly. You can reference the actual countdown. It's one of the topics on this forum.

Re: Landwehr at Seven

When the zulu project had 50 left I bought 20 boxes. I had hoped this would encourage people to buy which seems to have worked. I was willing to buy all 50 if need be to get my zulus. I would love to see the colonial wagons as the next crowdfunding project.

Re: Landwehr at Seven

U have been pushing on TMP (but I do not think it is a massive 1/72 site/fanbase) and on Benno's - but I have to be careful:

1) Don't want to bump my own threads too often
2) Benno's can be sensitive - I have had my wrist gently slapped there already

As to ordering - there is no way I can afford to buy 50 boxes - some people must be a lot richer than me. But I ordered early so remain positive for this project.

What I think would help is seeing where the bonus figure idea is going - I was really excited by the thought it could be mounted command/generals etc, but if it is just more foot sloggers then I must admit, nice as that will be, it doesn't really add any excitement to the deal. Foot figures are available already from Hagen/Art Miniaturen, but there is a dearth of command figures like generals and aides.

Just my tow pennies worth

Re: Landwehr at Seven

Bonus figure discussion on those threads might be a good way to get people talking again on those threads when I get a bit more time I might pop on them and mention bonus figure potentials.

Re: Landwehr at Seven

It would be nice to see the bonus figures to encourage pledges. I can't buy any more boxes but I sure am glad we're up to 8 now. We've been looking at all these great Napoleonic masters for years and it would be good to finally own and paint them.

Re: Landwehr at Seven

Not too concerned at the moment. HaT said 60 days for this, I think there's still about 20 days or so left and it's just ticked over to 80%.

If it looks like the project needs another kick along later my budget might just stretch a little further.

Regarding bonus figures my first choice would be more officers on foot. These sets need more officers. I did suggest some personality figures but would we need more than one?

I have had one other thought for a bonus figure though. how about camp followers.