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Re: ACW Action

I would agree with Robert that socket bayonets would be best because a) this was the most commonly used type of bayonet, b) they were actually used in combat, and c) it's easier to remove a bayonet and shorten a musket than it is to add a bayonet or lengthen a musket.

As for poses, although actual hand-to-hand combat poses feel a bit out of place for most musket-armed troops, I think a couple of figures advancing with bayonet would certainly be appropriate.

However I am far from an expert on this period (18th century Europe is more my thing - shameless plug for the SYW Austrians), so if the experts think differently I would defer to them.

Re: ACW Action

Weren't sword bayonets more common early war and among zouaves? But I agree that more clubbing poses are needed especially for us diorama builders.

Re: ACW Action

If you google Battle of Fort Wagner you will find both historical photos and paintings with bayonets fixed. Always easier to cut off bayonets than trying to make and add them.

Re: ACW Action

Bayonets needed! Most definately! I would like to have them on kneeling firing and standing firing poses as well as advancing and melee figures. As has been said it is far easier to cut them off than to attach them. Thank You! Cappy

Re: ACW Action

My Civil war re enactor friend states that bayonets would only be used in an offensive/ defensive role if contact was anticipated.

As for 'wielding' muskets ala English Civil war 'reversed musket' style I feel that this would be a poor choice of tactic. Having played with a Springfield the other week I am firmly of the opinion that waving it around in this manner is a poor fighting choice. It leaves you open to attack yourself, never mind the thing causing mayhem on your own side as they duck. Try it in a confined space and it gets worse. Try it with a bayonet attached and you risk stabbing yourself.

Great for despatching fallen opponent by bashing their head in, but the balance of the weapon makes holding it at the correct end a better proposition.

Personally from a modelling point of view I would agree with the others. Include bayonets which can be removed with a knife if not required.

Happy modelling and bayonet drill!