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What's popular - production

I would like to warn HaT about their new vote, for what is next to be produced. I know I don't represent the most popular choice, but that is not what is bothering me the most. What is bothering me is that if you constantly produce what is most popular, you will end up with just producing the same theme constantly. ... Recently that has proven to be Germans from WW II, which can be seen by the huge hordes of sets for those Germans.

So before you think, this is what is most popular, let's produce it, think that you might also be losing other customers.

Re: What's popular - production

I too wonder if voting idea will produce the most finacially viable conclusion. Like most figure manufacturers money is tight hence HaT needs to choose carefully. We all have our own we would like to see favourites. Mine is not even on the list!

At this moment in time Elephants and WW1 cavalry (and WW1 is one of my principle interests) are polling well but I do question whether these will have popular appeal to the public in general.

Re: What's popular - production

You make a good point Claus, though I'm not as concerned. I think most of us know that for many years the Napoleonic Era and WWll have been the most popular subjects. I like these polls because they show HaT that we're still interested in many other areas that are not so well covered.

Re: What's popular - production and what may sell?

Just a thought gentlemen and ladies.
My main collection is ACW, several thousand. Then Ancients and WW1. BUT I do not buy ACW any longer as each unit
for my Sharpsburg battle is done. Same with my ancient Egyptians, Roman.etc etc etc......

What I do BUY is the newer themed sets.. When Hat started their WW1 sets I bought. Colonials etc etc etc......

So for what it is worth a poll confirming X does not always mean there is money headed out to buy X.

Re: What's popular - production and what may sell?

All though my only interest is the Napoleonic era, I do feel that the question is not one to be asked, as everyone has a main era but dabble in other eras, so in my honest opinion a fare spread of different eras being produced by manufacturers over the year would hopefully keep everyone happy and interested in the hobby witch has kept all off us so happy and frustrated over the years.
Happy collecting Phil

Re: What's popular - production and what may sell?

I only collect US themed conflicts. I agree with Robert, some of my units have been assembled for things like ACW. But I could buy something new if they are better than what I have or add to gaps.

Having said that, I find it puzzling that WWII US has many gaps. Everyone tries to shut me down by saying there are plenty of stuff already out there for US WWII (that argument never worked for WWII Germans or Nappy French, they still get made). But really, I wish HaT had made a heavy weapons set for the US like they did for the Brits. That would have been useful. And if Orion made US arty servants like the Russians, etc. I still can't assemble a decent US Marine force. I agree there are plenty of shooting and running riflemen out there. I probably don't need more, but I sure could use some radio men, arty servants, servants and ammo carriers for mortars and heavy MGs, stretcher bearers, etc. They would fill gaps and regardless how complete my army is, I need gap-fillers. But would that sell without the standard poses? Maybe not.